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Adding and managing team members
Adding and managing team members

Learn how to add or remove team members as viewers, editors, and managers, plus the permissions for each group

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The team members page is available to:

  • Plans: Business, Premium, and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner, Editors, and Managers

Team Members

If you have a Business or Premium subscription, you can add Unlimited Viewers per location, to your account.

PREMIUM accounts can also add team members with Edit permissions as well as enhanced Manager access to any concept or location in their account. These team members are called Contributors.

Viewers: View, scale and print recipes, view prep method and accompanying slideshows.

Editors: All Viewer capabilities, plus the ability create, modify, and delete recipes for the concept(s) to which they are added.

Managers: A permission you can grant to both Viewers and Editors, giving them expanded access to ingredient and recipe costs, as well as nutritional information and the Menus feature. Only an account Owner can add Manager permissions to a team member.


  • For Business subscriptions adding contributors will increase your monthly subscription.

  • Please visit our pricing page or email for more information.

How to Add Team Members


There are 4 levels of access to an account in meez - each with their own permissions.

Here is how your team will be able to interact with your content (based on the concepts/locations you grant access to).






aka "View-Only Access"

Access applies only to permitted concepts and locations.

Gives viewers access to Purchase Item Table, Menus & Import feature

Gives editors access to Purchase Item Table, Menus & Import feature

There is only one owner of an account

View Recipes

Scale & Convert Units


Edit & Update

Delete Content

Allocate content to new owner or concept

Share View-Only Access

Share a Copy

Make a Copy

Manage Team Members


Import Purchase Files

Purchase Item table

Menus Feature

How to Remove Team Members

To remove a team member, click the "More" button on the far right of their name (see below). Then click Remove Team Member.

If you need any more help or have other questions, just shoot us an email at

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