Meez is designed to be your home for recipe content, a place where you can create, cost, scale, iterate, share, and experiment. We hope meez will become the home for all of your recipes, menus, and ideas for as long as you continue to cook!

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This guide will cover the essentials for getting started with meez. To learn more about each topic, use the links to our knowledge-base under the Learn More header of each section.

  1. Build your Recipes

  2. Cost out your First Recipe.

  3. Create Three Recipe Books

  4. Add your Team

Step 1: Build your Recipes

The first step to get started in meez is to start creating recipes. Watch this short video on the basics of building recipes in meez.

Try it!

Build 3 recipes in meez.

  1. Enter a plated recipe or menu item. This will likely include sub-recipes.

  2. Navigate to and build out your sub-recipe.

  3. Any other recipe of your choosing!

Learn More

Here are some helpful links as you continue to build your recipe database.


meez offers a


Let us do the leg-work to help you get those recipes into your account.

Check out this page or contact to learn more.

Step 2: Cost a Recipe

Meez is designed to help you cost your recipes quickly and efficiently. There are different ways to add costs, but to get started, try costing a recipe right from the recipe itself. Check out this short demonstration to learn how:

Try it:

Now that you’ve created a recipe, try costing it out yourself.

  • Click EDIT at the top center of the recipe page and then go to the COST tab on the right.

  • Click the pencil icon beside each ingredient

  • Enter the ingredient’s purchasing details.

Note: If the purchase UofM doesn’t appear automatically, create a new one from the drop down menu. Learn more here.

Learn More:

Here are a few other ways to get recipe costs in meez.

Bonus Feature: Food Cost Calculator

Once you’ve inputted your ingredient costs, scroll down to the Food Cost Calculator. Here, you can enter in your portion size (make sure your recipe has a yield!). Your cost will automatically appear. From there, you can enter in your sell price, target food cost, or target profit.

Step 3: Add Three Recipe Books

Recipe books are folders to help you organize your recipes. Recipes can live in multiple recipe books at the same time, and if you delete a recipe book, it won’t delete the recipes themselves, only the recipe book.

Watch the gif below to see a couple different ways meez lets you create recipe books, and add recipes to your recipe books.

Try It!

Create a recipe book by Station, Season, plate size, protein type...whatever works best for your kitchen!

Step 4: Add Your Team

  1. In the Admin SideBar, you can also Add Team Members and set their permission to view or edit content from any concept or location in your account.

Team Member Access Permissions:






aka "View-Only Access"

Access applies only to permitted concepts and locations.

Gives viewers access to Purchase Item Table & Import feature

Gives editors access to Purchase Item Table & Import feature

There is only one owner of an account

View Recipes

Scale & Convert Units


Edit & Update

Delete Content

Allocate content to new owner or concept

Share View-Only Access

Share a Copy

Make a Copy

Manage Team Members


Import Purchase Files

Purchase Item table

🎉 Congratulations!! 🎉

Now that you have created, costed, and organized a recipe, you've touched on the fundamentals of using meez. From here you can begin building out your catalogue, and make meez the source of truth for your recipes.

If you need further assistance as you continue to explore the app, please visit the meez help center, or email us at

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Meez offers a variety of business solutions to help you manage your content and keep up-to-date costing. Check out our pricing page for more information or contact to find out more of what meez has to offer.

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