If you have a BUSINESS or PREMIUM subscription of meez, then you can add team members to your meez account.

Both tiers allow you to grant VIEW-ONLY or EDITOR access to content from any concept or location of your business.

NOTE: Adding team members may increase your monthly subscription. Contact sales@getmeez.com if you have any questions about your plan.

How to Add Team Members


There are 3 levels of access to an account in meez, each with their own permissions.

Here is how your users will be able to interact with your content (based on the concepts/locations you grant them access to).




aka "View-Only Access"

Access applies only to permitted concepts and locations.

There is only one owner of an account


Scale & Convert Units

Edit & Update

Delete Content

Allocate content to new owner or concept



Share View-Only Access

Share a Copy

Make a Copy

only recipes & docs

Manage Team Members


Import Purchase Files

Purchase Item table

How to Remove Team Members

To remove a team member, click the "More" button on the far right of the user's name (see below). Then click Remove Team Member.

If you need any more help or have other questions, just shoot us an email at support@getmeez.com

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