Purchase reporting FAQs

A Premium Plus Sub includes invoice processing. This comes with a purchase reporting dashboard. Below are the FAQs for this dashboard.

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How do I log in to my Purchase Reporting Dashboard?

When you sent your first invoices, you will have received an email from noreply@upload.email with your purchase dashboard login information. If you cannot find that information, you can email support@getmeez.com and we will resend it.

How do I scan invoices to email to invoice processing?

You can either scan invoices from a scanner, or take photos directly from your camera-phone.

As a guideline, if you can read the information on the scanned copy of the invoice, then our system can read it too. If you can't read it, then neither can we!

When scanning, you'll want to make sure your resolution settings are at 300dpi.

I tried sending invoices, but they were rejected. What gives?

For security purposes, only confirmed 'whitelisted' emails are authorized to send copies of your invoices to meez. If you need to add other email addresses to your account as 'whitelisted' emails, please email support@getmeez.com.

Where do I send my invoices once they're scanned?

The meez team will have sent you a unique email address to which you can send your invoices. If you do not know your email address, please contact support@getmeez.com and we can resend it to you.

Where can I find copies of all my invoices?

Once you invoices are sent to meez, they will be digitized and approved. The scanned copies of your invoices will live in your "Approved" tab which is also searchable by Invoice number

How do I find flagged invoices?

Flagged invoices can be found under the "Open" tab on your dashboard. We suggest resubmitting any invoice that has been flagged for more than 3 days.

How do I download inventory sheets & usage reports sheets?

To download inventory sheets, you can go to the Price History tab.

From there you can download three different reports:

  • Inventory sheet using the average price of your ingredients

  • Inventory sheet using the latest price of your ingredients

  • Usage Report

How do I track or spotlight specific ingredients I'm purchasing?

On the Price History tab, you'll see a button "Spotlight Only." To use this feature, simply check the checkboxes beside any invoice item that you'd like to spotlight. Then select "Spotlight Only" to show only those items you checked off.

What is a sync report and when do I use it?

A sync report is used to collect your invoice data into one file, which can then be pushed into your meez account. The meez team handles creating and pushing Sync reports into your account. There is no need to touch this tab!

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