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How do I share my recipes or add on my team?

There are three ways to share recipes in meez.

1) Send a Copy: by sending a copy of the recipe, you are giving the recipient their own copy, which they can edit in their own account. Any edits you make to your copy will not be viewable to the recipient, and vice versa. Share a copy from the recipe's detail page or from the meez home screen by clicking on a recipe(s) or recipe book(s) and selecting to Send a Copy.

2) Add Team Members: Business and Premium accounts can add an unlimited number of team members with View access. Premium subscribers can also add contributors with Edit access or Manager status. Click here to learn more about managing a team in meez.

3) Grant View Only Access: You can share a live version of a recipe by granting view-only access. The recipient will see your recipe as it appears in your account (not including costing information). Any updates you make to the recipe will be visible to the recipients automatically. They will not be able to edit the recipe or share access. Click here to learn more about granting view access to your recipes. Note: Only available with Business & Premium subscriptions

Can I add nutrition and allergens to my recipes?

Premium subscribers will have access to allergen tags on their ingredients and can link their ingredients to the USDA nutrition database to generate nutrition labels right from meez. Check out this help article for more information on how to link ingredients to nutrition.

How do I add costs to my ingredients?

There are three ways to enter ingredient costs into meez.

1. Add costs right from the recipe or ingredient page.*

2. Upload a spreadsheet of ingredient costs.*

3. Snap a pic of your invoices or connect directly to your inventory management system (through addons with your Business or Premium subscription)

*Business & Premium accounts only

Can I make copies of my recipes?

Yes! From the recipe page, select the "More" button (the three vertical dots) and choose "Make a Copy."

Can I print my recipes?

Yes! Printing recipes directly from the recipe page, or from the Recipe Table Page.

What are the symbols next to each ingredient in the drop down?

How different options appear:

What each icon means:

Click here to learn more about creating ingredients in meez.

Does meez support different languages?

We've optimized meez for many languages, especially from Chrome and Safari Browsers. You can download a chrome extension for translations and translate your recipes into a number of languages.

How can I organize my recipes?

The best way to organize your recipes is by using Recipe Books. Keep in mind:

  • A single recipe can live in multiple books

    1. If you delete a recipe book, it will not delete any of your recipes (but make sure you're only deleting the book!)

Click here to learn more about creating and using recipe books.

What does meez cost?

Meez offers multiple tiers of pricing to suit the needs of your business. Check out our pricing page, or contact for more details

How do I upgrade my account?

To upgrade your meez account, simply go to this page and select which plan you'd like. Check out our pricing page, or contact for more details.


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