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Tracking variance on menus

Learn what benefits our Advanced Menus Features has to offer

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Tracking variance is available to:

  • Plans: Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner and Managers

How do I get the Advanced Menus Features and What are the Benefits?

Advanced features to Menus are a part of our Premium Plus subscription. The Advanced features gives you the opportunity to get more out of your Menu data. With the ability to input your Quantity Sold onto each of your Menu Items we can provide you with a lot more information about your sales data and food costs.

Gain the ability to Track Variance.

Click on the track variance button taking a snapshot of your menus current Menu Cost %, Revenue and Total Profit.

Next make some changes! Adjust sales prices, quantity sold, even add or remove menu items, even adjust the menu items themselves. You will see the difference each change makes compared to when you took that variance snapshot! Giving you a look at the Current results and the actual variance from the original!

For a quick walkthrough of creating a New Menu and seeing what our Advanced Features has to offer Follow Along Here!

The first step for Advanced Menus is to Enter your Quantity Sold:

With your Sell Price and Quantity Sold information filled in you can now see much more added information! The Menu can provide you with Profit Margin, Revenue %, Gross Profit and the % of Sales for each Menu Item.

Another added Advanced Menu Feature gives you the option to Import your Sales Data with a spreadsheet! To learn more about that feature see our article: How to Import Menu Sales Data.

Unlocking Higher tier Menus Features also brings you the Total Menu Data! Your total Menu Cost % Total Revenue and Total Profit!

With the increased sales data that our Advanced Menus Features provide, you can analyze your costs more in-depth. You can adjust Sell Prices to see the differences in profits, compare food costs and adjust recipes and Menu Items to get new information immediately.

Interested in the Advanced Menu Features and not have it yet?

Check out our Pricing Page to see all that a Premium Plus subscription has to offer! You can upgrade from your Profile page in the app or contact our Sales Team for more information!

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