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meez 102: add costs to ingredients
meez 102: add costs to ingredients

New to meez and want to learn how to add costs? Follow along here!

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Your recipe is created! The next step? Let's get your recipe costs set up!

Costing is available to:

  • Plans: Business, Premium, and Premium Plus

  • Team Members: Account Owner, Editors, and Managers

In meez there are multiple ways to add costs to your ingredients.

  • Add them manually to the ingredients by entering the purchase UoM and Price either on the cost tab in the recipe or on the ingredients page.

  • Upload your purchase items and costing information by a spreadsheet then link the purchase items to your ingredients. Learn more here!

  • If you are a Premium Plus subscriber: using our invoice processing feature you can have your purchase item cost information uploaded from invoices and added to your meez account to be linked. More information on this can be found here!

Let's start with the basics and add your costs manually to your ingredients.

  • Open the recipe that you want to add costing information.

  • Next remember to click that edit button and select the Cost tab.

  • When it Edit mode you'll see, on the cost tab side of the app, a new icon show up on the row with your ingredient. Click on the Add cost section.

  • Our costing modal will then appear.

  • Here is where you can fill in the purchase information for your ingredient.

There are two required fields to fill in when manually costing and one field for attaching purchase items.

  1. Purchase Cost (required)

  2. Purchase Unit (required)

  3. Item Mapping (attaching purchase items)

Purchase Cost

Type in the amount that you paid for the purchase unit.

If you bought it $10/lb then enter $10. $30 for the whole case? Enter $30.

Purchase Unit

Enter the purchase cost of how you bought the ingredient. There are many different ways an item can be purchased so lets go over a few examples.

  • Ingredients like Ground Beef can be bought by the lb. Ex for $10/lb.

  • Apples can be bought by the each.

  • Our flour ingredient can be bought by a 25lb case.

Many ingredients are bought by a unique case size.

  • For example buying relish by the case which contains 4, 12oz jars.

  • Case of vinegar that contains 4/1gallon jugs.

  • Case of brown sugar that hold 12/2lb boxes.

To enter a new unique case size type in the case size into the purchase unit section.

  • Click in the drop down menu the option that says "Add New Unit called"

Next you will need to identify what that unit is by assigning a value to it. Our add new unit section will open.

  • To define a new unit fill in the Quantity and Units of how much that case is equal to.

  • A case of 4, 12oz jars of relish would be 48 in the quantity and oz in the units.

  • Case of brown sugar holding 12/2lb boxes would be 24 quantity and lb for units.

  • For our case=4/1gallon of vinegar. The whole case holds 4 gallons so 4 in the Quantity and gallon in the units.

  • Once you have entered the proper information to assign a value to your purchase UoM click Add Unit.

  • You will be returned to the cost modal.

  • Finally once your purchase cost and purchase unit have been entered click the blue update button at the bottom of the cost modal.

    You have added costs to your ingredients!

Item Mapping

Item mapping is for customers that have imported their ingredients cost by a spreadsheet or have invoice processing set up and their purchase item have been successfully imported to their new purchase item table.

  • Importing costs by spreadsheet is available for Business plans and higher.

  • Invoice processing is available to our Premium Plus subscriptions.

From the cost modal the section we have not gone over yet is the Item Mapping search.

  • Type in the name of the purchase item you want to link to your ingredient. Or if you know the item ID number you can type that in as well.

  • In the drop down menu you will see your purchased items. Click the purchase item you want to map to your ingredient.

  • Once selected the purchased items information will automatically fill in the required boxes.

  • Lastly now click the blue Update button in the bottom of the cost modal.

You have now mapped and added costs to your ingredient!

Our Demonstration recipe is also now fully costed!

If you would like more in-depth information about adding costs:

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