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How to sign up for a Public Match
How to sign up for a Public Match

These are the steps to sign up for your first open Match in Playtomic

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Here are the steps to sign up for a open match:

  1. Locate yourself in the "Play" tab of the App and click on "Play a match"

  2. Choose the sport you want to Play (Open matches are available only for padel and tennis)

  3. Choose where you want to play

  4. Choose when you want to play

  5. Scroll through the results, choose between joining an already open match, or opening one yourself

Starting a match yourself

If you choose to create an open match, you are able to configure it to your liking. You can choose from the following configuration options:

  1. Competitive or friendly. You can read about the difference between competitive and friendly matches in this article.

  2. Choose the gender or keep it open for all. You can read more about it in this article.

🚨Once you decide your match type, it is not possible to switch from competitive to friendly or vice versa.


Is online payment mandatory for a public match?

Yes, to join a public match you have to pay online, using a credit/debit card or Club Wallet

Can I pay for another player's fee?

Yes, it is possible to invite your partner and pay for their fee to confirm their place in the match. Find out more in this article.

Can I join a public match if I don't meet the level requirements for a match?

If you are out of range, you can request your spot. If all the players accepts you, you will be able to join the match.

Can I join a public match without a Playtomic account?

No, in order to join a public match, you must have a Playtomic account.

My Friend doesn't have Playtomic, how can they play?

No one can be added to a match without a Playtomic account. Any player who wants to sign up for a match, must have a Playtomic account.

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