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Friendly vs Competitive Public Matches
Friendly vs Competitive Public Matches
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When you create a Public Match in Playtomic, you can now choose between two types: competitive or friendly

Competitive match:

☑️ Only players who are within the level requested inside the match can participate, but players who are out of range can request the spot, and they can participate if they are accepted by all the players in that match

☑️ The entry of results will ALWAYS change the level of each player, always when the results are entered correctly and they are valid.

☑️ It is intended for players who want to test themselves in competitive matches and want to improve their Playtomic level

If you are wondering what an automatic match is, an automatic match is a competitive public match created by the club.

Friendly match:

☑️ All players can join (the level range doesn't matter!)

☑️ The level of the players will NEVER be changed, even if the result is entered

☑️ It is intended for players who want to play for fun without worrying about the result and the competitiveness of a match

Once you choose your match type in a public match, it is not possible to switch from competitive to friendly or vice versa.

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