Profile statuses allow you to view what relationship the Profile has to your business. Trail understands that not all people you deal with on a day-to-day basis will be your clients, but they may still be people you need to save the details for. Profile statuses are found underneath the Profile name, and can be chosen from the following:


A Profile with the status ‘Prospect’ will represent an opportunity for an adviser to provide services to a client and sell further products.

Existing Client

A Profile with the status ‘Existing Client’ represents someone who you already have as a client and are actively servicing.

Previous Client

A Profile with the type ‘Previous Client’ represents a client you’ve worked with in the past, but don’t currently actively manage products for. They may be a client of yours again in the future.

Referral Partner

A Profile with the type ‘Referral Partner’ represents Referral Partners and is used as a way to view all communication between an adviser and a key referrer. Profiles with the type ‘Referral Partner’ generate a unique referral link, which can be used to sign new clients up and auto-tag them to that referrer.

Product Provider

A Product Provider Profile type represents an adviser’s product providers and communication with the staff at those specific places, i.e. insurance companies, or banks.

As well as these options, you can choose Unsubscribed or Unspecified.

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