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Managing Opportunities & Activities on the Pipeline
Managing Opportunities & Activities on the Pipeline

Keep up with Activities for your Opportunities on the Pipeline

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To watch the Trailblazers video explaining the Pipeline, click here.

To keep up with your clients and the next step for them, handling your Opportunities and Activities in Trail on your Pipelines is a key skill!

In this article, we will be delving into how Opportunities & their Activities are managed specifically on your Pipeline. Activities can also be managed per Profile, or by using the Activities tab πŸ‘

In this article you will learn:

  • What is the relationship between Opportunity & Activity?

  • What does each colour of the Opportunity tile mean?

  • How to edit an Opportunity's connected Activity from the Pipeline

How do Opportunities relate to Activity?

An important aspect of Trail is how Activities & Opportunities tie together in your Pipeline.

We recommend that for your all your open Opportunities in Trail, you also have a linked Activity that goes with it. This ensures you have a 'next step' for moving that Opportunity forward in your Pipeline.

As you create an Activity, there will always be a box where it shows whether it is connected to an open Opportunity or 'None':

Once the final Activity connected to the Opportunity is marked as 'done', it will trigger a new activity box to pop up automatically so that you can create the next Activity for the Opportunity. This is to ensure you always have a follow up task and no Opportunity is left behind!


Opportunities on the Pipeline will show different colours depending on the activity connected to them (or if they have none!) πŸ‘ More on this below.

What do the colours on the Pipeline mean?

Having a current activity for each Opportunity is very important in ensuring your advice process with your client stays on track and moves forward!

To achieve this, each Opportunity tile in your Pipelines has a colour next to it to represent its Activity status. These colours appear as a bar beside each Opportunity tile.

There are four colours that represent the connected Activity's status:

  • Red: There is an activity associated with this Opportunity which is overdue.

  • Yellow: There is currently no activity set for this Opportunity. We recommend setting one in order to maintain good workflow.

  • Green: You have an activity associated with this Opportunity which is due today.

  • Grey: All activities for this Opportunity are not due until after today.

These conditions dictate the order that opportunities are displayed within their stages:

  1. Red it at the top

  2. Then Green

  3. Then Yellow

  4. Finally, the Grey

The purpose is to always show you your most important, actionable Opportunities first. πŸ‘

BEST PRACTICE: Your pipelines should show a majority of Green and Grey if you are keeping up with all activities in your Trail environment. Seeing Red or Yellow tiles should be an exception.

Editing an Opportunity's Activity from the Pipeline

To create, edit, or complete an activity from the Pipeline, simply click on the Opportunity tile, and click on the Activity Status.

For editing an existing activity, it will look like this:

From here, you can edit the activity or mark it as 'Urgent' or mark as 'Done' if completed, then click 'Save' to save your changes:

For creating a new Activity for those (yellow) Opportunities that has no activity set, it looks like this:

And from here, same as the above, make your edits to the Activity and then click "Save"!

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