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Editing the Statement of Advice produced for your business

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The Statement of Advice section of the insurance application editor allows you to produce a Statement of Advice for your client using a template.
In your Statement of Advice settings, you can create the template SOA that gets sent to your clients. This means that you save time when recommending insurance to your client.

There are two sections in the Statement of Advice settings:

  1. SOA template

  2. Provider research

The place to adjust these settings are here:

SOA template

From this section, you can build your template Statement of Advice that gets sent to all clients (note: this can be edited individually for a specific client). From these settings, you have the ability to add in any new pages or document placeholders (See below) that you would like to send to your client, re-order any page and remove those that you don't find necessary.ย 

You are unable to edit the default pages, but you can edit any custom ones. You can also delete the default pages, but we do not recommend this as the default pages are dynamic in nature and use the live data captured from your clients application.

For a more detailed guide on how to use SOA templates, click here.

Custom Pages

Text Page - This is a blank test page where you can input any information in text form and have access to the main text formatting/styling options.

Document - This is for uploading a document that you would like to appear in every SOA, Best used for a generic document that does not include client specific information/recommendations.

Document Placeholder - This is document place holder creates a place in your SOA where you can upload a user specific document, i.e. A QuoteMonster document. This is a document that you wish to include in each SOA but its content will vary from application to application.
โ€‹*Please note that the output of an SOA is a PDF document. This means that wherever you are given the option to add one of your own documents to the section, only PDF files will collate into your finished SOA.

Provider Research

In every Statement of Advice, you need to write why you're recommending a specific provider. The provider research settings allow you to write a paragraph for each provider which will be a saved, general, 'default' reasoning carried through into the Statement of Advice depending if that particular provider is selected.

You also have the ability to add any documents for the insurer that you would like to provide your client.

What next?

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