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Adding Notes/Comments to Activities and through the Pipeline
Adding Notes/Comments to Activities and through the Pipeline

Adding Activities from the Pipeline, Activity audit notes/comments, and adding notes to the profile from within the Pipeline!

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Did you know that you can add activities related to an opportunity and profile from directly within the Pipeline?

Simply click on an opportunity highlighted in yellow (which means there is no Activity set against it) and select ‘No Activity Set’. You’ll then have the opportunity to add an activity!

This is helpful because your Pipeline stage’s are ordered from
Overdue → Due Today → No Activity Set → Due Later.
So when you open Trail for the first time you can see what’s due at a glance and manage your day based on that!

Activity Audit Notes

You can now add time stamped notes/comments to activities to track your progress toward completion. We acknowledge that some activities represent tasks that may take a while to complete, and you want to track each action or update against it.

That’s why we’ve introduced Notes and Comments! These are time stamped additions to an activity that can be used to not only track progress, but also as a form of audit logging to see who did what, and when.

To find this, look under any created activity and you’ll find the new ‘Add Note/Comment’ at the bottom right of the screen.

Click this, and you’ll be presented with a text box to add your note! Don’t worry about adding a time and date, Trail does this for you when you click ‘Save’.

It also tracks who created the note!

If you accidentally type something incorrectly and you wish to correct it, you will have to create another note. For audit purposes, these notes are not editable or removable and will persist against the activity.

NOTE: Adding a Note/Comment to an activity is something that is active after you’ve created the Activity. When creating an activity for the first time, it is not available as the idea is that these notes are applied to future work performed against it.

Speaking of adding Notes, you can now add profile notes from within the Pipeline! Simply click on an opportunity, and hover your cursor over the arrow underneath ‘Profile’.

Clicking ‘Add Note’ will add a green note to the profile, you can even pin it like you would within a profile! Saving you a bit of time!

Nice and easy! More ways to effectively manage your clients in an efficient fashion.

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