Note: If you would like to create a Contact without creating an Opportunity, read this article.

On a Profile, there can be multiple Opportunities at any given time, relating to the Contacts involved.

The key thing to note is that each Opportunity represents one application. If you are dealing with a client and send two applications to different lenders/insurers, they should be represented by two separate Opportunities in Trail. It may be the case that only one of these Opportunities is eventually completed/ "won" for the client, while the other Opportunity that did not go through, is "archived".

Follow the steps below to create an Opportunity and send an application link to your client:

1. Go to your Pipeline and click the 'Create Opportunity' button on the top left corner of the screen

2. Select if the Opportunity is for a new Contact (person / company), or existing Contact you have on Trail

2a. If selecting 'Existing Contact', search for the Contact in your database

2b. If selecting 'New Contact', enter the Contact's details and press 'Next'

3. Add in the Opportunity details for the client

  • Opportunity Owner: If you are on an Assistant account in Trail, you will need to select a "Submitting Adviser" who is the Adviser responsible for this opportunity.

  • Pipeline: if you aren't sure which Pipeline to put the Opportunity in, click here to find out.  

  • Opportunity Type: Whichever option represents the situation best

  • Client Information Gathering Process: This determines what kind of Fact Find you can send them.
    Whether it's a Fact Find Only (so that you can check this before asking for the next bit of information) OR a Fact Find + Document Request (for mortgage advice) or Fact Find + Needs Analysis (for insurance advice) to follow it.

4. Decide how you would like to proceed with the application

4a. If you click "Send Fact Find Link", please check the email to be sent out

If you select this, you'll be able to edit this email to further personalize it for your specific client. If you have set up your default email templates in your Settings, they will pull through to this email.

  • You can CC yourself into this email to get a copy of this - just click the "CC" next to the client's email. (This can also be set up in your default email templates if you want this always to happen.)

  • Clicking 'cancel' will cancel the email being sent, but not the Opportunity being created.

  • Clicking 'send' will then fire this email out!

Note: If editing an email, be careful that you don't remove the 'Click Here' link, as this is how the client accesses the Client Portal to fill out their fact find.

Contact and Profile are create with this new Opportunity

Creating an Opportunity for a new client will automatically create a Contact and Profile for that client. This means you will now be able to search for them in the search bar at the top of the screen, and find them in the Contacts tab.

What next?

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