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Understanding the new KiwiSaver Information Gathering Process
Understanding the new KiwiSaver Information Gathering Process
A brand new way to collect information from your KiwiSaver clients and manage them within Trail
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We're excited to announce that we've launched a specialized KiwiSaver Pipeline, Fact Find, and Risk Profiler so you can more effectively manage your clients!

This is the first stage of a two-part project that will be completed in 2023; it allows you to start using a custom-made Fact Find right away. Later this year, we'll release the second part which enables you to compare funds and create and edit Statements of Advice.

We welcome all our KiwiSaver advisers to take advantage of these new features and give us your feedback as we continue to refine the process πŸŽ‰

What's New

KiwiSaver Pipelines

We are excited to announce that Trail now has two new Pipelines for managing KiwiSaver clients - KiwiSaver Prospecting and KiwiSaver Advice.

These Pipelines operate in the same way as existing Pipelines but with stages that you can customise to your liking.

You will be able to move KiwiSaver opportunities between each of the Pipeline stages and then win the opportunity when advice has been given.

So that your records remain up to date, winning an opportunity will allow you to add details for their new KiwiSaver provider and fund.

Fact Find and Risk Profiler

Much like the Mortgage and Insurance processes, you can now send your KiwiSaver clients an online Fact Find to complete in their own time. This includes a special Risk Profiler which asks your clients questions about their risk appetite and assigns them an investor personality to help you place them in the right fund.

If you'd prefer to sit down with your client and talk them through the questions, you can also access your client's view of the Fact Find through each Application page, or edit it directly on your end.

KiwiSaver Disclosures

As a part of our launch, we have included new KiwiSaver specific disclosures for you to fill out πŸ‘ These will be presented to your client at the end of the KiwiSaver Fact Find.

You may access them in your Settings under Disclosure Settings, seen here:


Q. Which pipeline do I use now?

Existing Kiwisaver Opportunities?

Existing KiwiSaver opportunities in Trail, created using the old process (in the Investment Pipelines) will remain there until the opportunity is closed

New Kiwisaver Opportunities?

New KiwiSaver opportunities to Trail can only be created in the new KiwiSaver Pipelines

Q. When will the Statement of Advice be released?

This is stage one of two releases, and we plan on releasing the SOA in 2023.

We wanted to bring you pipeline management, fact find and the risk profiler as soon as we could. We also welcome your feedback for ongoing refinement of this feature and process.

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