Creating a Template

How to create a template inside of Giftbit

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The Templates menu displays the list of all completed and draft templates

Make a New Template

  1. Click + New Template and title the template

  2. The following sections can be edited

    1. Email Subject

    2. Header Image

  3. The line sent you an offer can not be adjusted or removed

  4. Customize the message body

  5. Confirm reward value, region and brands

    1. Value

      1. Set the value of the gift cards you are sending out

    2. Regions

      1. USA can only be redeemed by recipients located in the United States

      2. Canada can only be redeemed by recipients located in Canada

    3. Brands

      1. Full Catalog: Offer recipients the full Giftbit catalog to pick from.

        • Certain brands may only be available at specific values

        • Physical Visa and 1-800 Brands are currently excluded from Full Catalog

      2. Customized: Select the reward options that you would like your recipients to select from.

        • Used customized if you would like to include Physical Visa or 1-800 brands as an option.

  6. Adjust the Claim Period if needed

    1. This refers to when the offer of the reward will expire

  7. Select Save & Exit

Giftbit Recommends: Review Templates: Draft Status if you have a template stuck in draft mode

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