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Adding users and sending invites

A common way of working can only be realised if everyone is involved. See how to add and invite users while adding roles and rights.

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How to add a user

  1. Go to 'Users' in the left menu

  2. Search to see if the user is already there

  3. Turn on the edit mode

  4. Press 'New' to open the user details screen

  5. Follow the instructions and click on 'Create user'

Managing a user's organisational roles

In the user dialogue you can search to add roles or click X to delete them. For more on roles read this article.

Optional fields in user creation

If you click 'Optional fields' right below the user email field, 3 more fields will show.

You can add a title and a phone number, normally used for HR purposes. You can also add a location (physical or department).

This can be beneficial for HR as well, but it is also very nice for the person (-s) in charge of Gluu user management, if the organisation is large with many employees. Using this field is an easy way to get an overview of users in different locations, as it can be applied in filters across Gluu.

Managing a user's universal rights and permissions

Once you have set up a new user, then this person can:

  • Search, read, view and comment on any process, its activities and work instructions – that are not private.

  • Search, read, view and comment on any process, its activities and work instructions – where they have a role and therefore are β€˜Process members’.

  • Complete tasks in all activities where they are members, if they have a PRO license.

These are universal rights and do not require any specific admin rights being assigned to the user. For more on access rights and permissions please refer to this article about permission groups, which will help you choose the correct admin rights for a user (if any).

TIP! If you want to adapt the layout of Gluu for a certain user group to help them find their processes or work instructions more easily Profiles is great feature that will help you do just that.

Sending new users access information

Once you have added name (first and last), and email, relevant roles and profile, you are able to create the user.

IMPORTANT!: Remember to assign a plan (license) to the user, if you are ready for the user to access your Gluu content. Without a plan, the user can log in to Gluu, but no processes or other content will be visible to the user.

If you have assigned a plan to the user, you have the option of ticking the little box in the bottom right corner of the drawer 'Send this user an invitation email now'.

This sends an email to the user with a link to set their password and enter Gluu. The email is valid for 30 days.

IMPORTANT! If you're using Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft or G Suite with your account, you should not send this invite. Learn more about SSO here.

TIP!: If you have many user to create but do not have the option of using SSO, we offer a bulk upload service, so please feel free to contact us for more info.

Requesting a new password - if not using SSO

Any user can request a new password via the forgot password option on the login page or by changing it under 'Your account' when logged into Gluu.

TIP!: Want to know how to delete a user? Take a look at this guide.

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