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Identify available connectors on a station
Identify available connectors on a station
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The Electra application provides a range of information about each station's connectors.

🔌 Types of connectors used on the station

  • On the Home page's map: click on the pin of a station, then View station details

  • Scroll down the menu Places and connectors by clicking on the ➕ button

  • The connectors fitted to each seat are represented by pictograms

In the example above, 01 and 02 are fitted with a CCS connector and 02 is also fitted with a Type 2 connector.

💡 Click here to understand the pictograms illustrating the different types of connectors

🚦 Connectors availability

The app also provides real-time information on the availability of spots and connectors at a station.

From the selected station details, in the Places and Connectors menu, several statuses may appear:

🟢 Available in green

🟠 Booked or In Use in orange

🔴 Out of service in red

💡 When a connector is in use, if a second connector is associated with the same slot, the latter becomes unavailable. There can only be one charging session in progress per slot.

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