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The different types of connectors
The different types of connectors
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Presentation of the 3 types of connector available on the Electra network.

🔌 Type 2 connector

Dedicated to "slow" AC charging.

While it offers greater charging power than a household plug, it's still limited by :

  • the power of the terminal

  • the power of the vehicle's on-board charger, usually 7.4 or 22 kW.

💡 Type 2 cables are not supplied on Electra stations

Users must bring their own cable to use dedicated terminals.

🔌 Combo CCS connector (Combined Charging System)

European standard for DC fast charging.

The vast majority of electric vehicles sold are now equipped with this standard.

💡 Vehicles equipped with a CCS Combo plug can also be charged using a Type 2 plug

🔌 CHAdeMO connector

An old standard driven by the Asian market, the CHAdeMO plug is also a solution for fast DC charging.

Although it is being replaced by the CCS Combo plug, some vehicles are still equipped with this type of connector.

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