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The criteria Electra uses to recommend a station
The criteria Electra uses to recommend a station
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When you click on the “Book a spot” button, the Electra app provides you with a list of hubs as well as a recommended hub.

📝 Which criteria are taken into account ?

  • The characteristics of the vehicle: in particular the type of connector the vehicle is equipped with, as well as the charging power supported by your vehicle.

  • The position: thanks to the geolocation so that we can suggest only the stations closest (30 km radius)

  • The availability of charging stations: we scan the availability of nearby charging stations to direct to those that can serve vehicle

  • The available power of the charging stations: we make a real time analysis of the power available on our charging stations to offer the spot that will allow to charge as quickly as possible depending on the vehicle

Examples 👇

- For a car with a Type 2 power plug, you will only be offered the spots with this type of plug.

- If several cars are charging at the same time at one hub, we will offer the spot with the maximum power available for the vehicle.

🤓 What are the benefits for the user ?

  • The charge is tailored to your vehicle

  • Freeding from the mental burden of having to select a charging station compatible with the type of charging and power of your vehicle

  • Assured that the recommended charging station is available - and booked !

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