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Accessing a gated station
Accessing a gated station
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🎫 With a booking

Once the reservation has been made and the vehicle has arrived at the station gate, you can open the gate or barrier directly from the application.

From the current reservation page, click on I've arrived > then Open gate 👇

🔋 Without booking

En arrivant devant le portail permettant d'accéder à une station, il y a un QR code à scanner qui permettra d'ouvrir le portail ou la barrière👇

💡 It might take a few minutes before you receive the SMS with the code to open the gate.

If you have any trouble opening the gate, don't hesitate to call our support +33186659999, they will be able to open it for you 😇

For any further information, please send us an email at ⚡️

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