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What are the GoJoe challenge types and how do they work?
What are the GoJoe challenge types and how do they work?
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There are three challenge types on GoJoe:-

1. Private challenges (free)
Users can create their own private challenges with and between their friends, family or colleagues by pressing the "O" button in-app > "Create Challenge". Our free challenges enable users to set up two teams (10 people max per team), and run a challenge to see which team can cover either the most kms or most points (weighted by activity type) in a set period. You have to add at least one person to the opposing team to get started when creating the challenge (so get them to download before you create the challenge); however, once the challenge is set up an invite code will appear on the challenge summary screen - you can share that code with others who can join by downloading the app > signing in > Press the "+" button on the navigation bar and press "Got a code?" > inserting the code you gave them > pressing join team > pressing into the team they want to join > pressing join. (Max 90 days)

2. Open challenges (free)
Alternatively, users can join 'open' challenges on GoJoe which are displayed within the Challenges section of GoJoe under the Featured tab. We're always adding new ones, so keep checking back in!

3. Premium challenges (paid)
GoJoe workplace challenges are completely unique, unbelievably engaging and inclusive. They enable workforces of all ages and abilities to compete with and against each other across over 40 activity types.

Unlike the billions of step challenges out there, GoJoe is not bothered about the steps from the sofa to the fridge (and indeed we are not a step challenge).

GoJoe challenges are not about steps (we're not a step challenge app) but are activity-based and include over 40 sports and activities from walking to tennis. It's more fun and inclusive - not everyone can do steps.

GoJoe premium challenges include unlimited teams, unlimited participants and unlimited fun.

As well as being able to set either a weighted 'most points' challenge to level the playing field (see above), or an 'average points' challenge, our premium challenges are completely customisable with a high level of personalisation, password protection, custom branding, custom urls, bespoke comms, team and challenge chat channels, an in-app GPS tracker, the integration of celebs or famous sportspeople to captain the teams or provide content, live HIIT workouts and so much more!

GoJoe Annual (challenges and more)

We also run an annual wellbeing programme which includes unlimited challenges and enables employers to put health and fitness in the hands of the staff - it is at their side, all year-round, and used in-or-out of work to:-

  • Train and compete (virtually) in team challenges with people in their network;

  • Access content from world-renowned experts including high-profile sportspeople, personal trainers and health professionals, across all pillars of wellbeing, GoJoe-style (Move : Fuel : Rest : Feel); and

  • Enter mass participation digital health and fitness events including with other organisations, brands and celebrities.

GoJoe annual also allows you create a community (outside of challenges), post out your own wellbeing content and link your other wellness resources. There’s exciting stuff too like admin dashboards with data 😉 etc.

If this sounds interesting, to find out more press here or give us a holler at

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