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In order to count for a challenge what needs to happen?
In order to count for a challenge what needs to happen?
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Your challenges should update automatically once you input activities either manually using 'input activity', using our in-app GPS tracker or when an activity is synced from a wearable. You can view your activities either via the Discover feed or from within your Profile > Activities.

In order to count for a challenge the activity will need to fit with the challenge criteria which has been set (e.g. it will need to be the correct activity type - walks will not appear in a running-only challenge and so on) and fall within the challenge start and end time/date (e.g. if you're in a challenge that started at 9am on 18 Jan and your activity started at 8am on 18 Jan the activity will not count within the challenge). You can view the activities that are counting within the challenge itself by pressing: Challenges > into the relevant challenge > solo tab > your name.
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