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One of my activities has not synced?
One of my activities has not synced?
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If you have connected a wearable to GoJoe and some activities or workouts are missing, to ensure you don't miss out, you can manual input the missing activity (assuming your challenge has not been set to 'wearable only').
We currently sync with 40 activity types. We're in the process of adding more sports to GoJoe including, for example, Table Tennis as we agree that it's a sport which should be added; however, full transparency, we can't give you a release date as we need to map all of the wearables and this takes time to complete. Although Table Tennis is not currently one of the activity types that pulls from wearables to GoJoe, in the meantime, you can of course add your Table Tennis activities to GoJoe to ensure you don't miss out. We suggest that you log them to GoJoe as Tennis for the time being - a link of the ways that you add activities to GoJoe including via Manual Input is here.
There can be a number of other reasons why activities do not sync to GoJoe - see our troubleshooting checklist if more guidance is needed or drop us a message if a deeper look is needed.

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