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My steps aren't syncing to GoJoe?
My steps aren't syncing to GoJoe?
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Steps will not sync to GoJoe. This is because GoJoe challenges are not about steps. We’re an activity-based app involving planned or set activities (from walks, to runs, to cycles, to swims, to gym sessions, to tennis to one of the other 40+ activity types).

Walking is included but it’s all about a planned walk measured in miles/kms rather than everyday steps - think walking around the block, rather than stepping throughout the day. The benefits of a planned activity include helping to clear the mind rather than focussing on tracking everyday steps! It's also more inclusive as those who can't or don't do steps can still take part.

It is for these reasons that GoJoe does not pull over your step count (for example, 9997 steps) - it will, however, pull workouts recorded on your wearable as activities (for example, a 3km walk which took 55 mins).

Please therefore ensure that your movement is registered on your wearable (for example, a Fitbit) as an activity. You normally need to press start, stop and save on your wearable unless your wearable automatically detects that you're doing an activity (normally after about 15 minutes of movement). Some wearable devices can be a bit 'hit and miss' in automatically detecting activities, so it's best if you can tell your device that you're starting an activity (some models let you do this, others don't).
More information on what activities to included in GoJoe challenges is here. There can be a number of other reasons why activities do not sync to GoJoe - see our troubleshooting checklist if more guidance is needed or drop us a message if a deeper look is needed.

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