When do I get paid?

You can initiate your payout 3 days after the buyer receives your item.

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Cha-Ching! You will receive an email notice every time an item sells and your payout will be available 3 days after the buyer receives your item. This allows us to honor our buyer guarantee, confirming they are satisfied with their purchase. Β 

A buyer's receipt of an item will vary depending on the fulfillment method:

  • Locally delivered items typically arrive at the buyer's house within 1-3 business days.

  • Warehouse pickup orders must be picked up by the buyer within 2 weeks from date of purchase.

  • Nationwide shipping orders have various transit times depending on where the order is headed. Once shipped, the buyer will typically receive their package within 1 week.

Once a payout is requested it is processed immediately. GoodBuy Bucks are emailed and available for use immediately. Direct Deposits should land in your bank account within 7-10 business days.Β 

Completed transactions that are available for payout are forfeited after 365 days if they are not claimed.

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