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Good Habit: Settings up, and track progress
Good Habit: Settings up, and track progress

All you need to know to take all advantage of Habitify in building and tracking your new good habits.

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1. Add a new habit

Habitify's primary focus is helping users build good habits effortlessly. With a straightforward process, you can quickly add a new good habit to your list, ensuring the core factors of Goal, Schedule, and Reminders are integrated.

Choose a habit template

  • Click "+" button on the bottom date bar

  • Choose "Create Good Habit"

  • Choose a habit template, or choose to "Create Your Own" one

Repeat Interval

"Repeat" setting allows you to schedule habits to appear in your daily Journal view at specific intervals. Choose to repeat a habit daily, weekly on specific days, or monthly on specific days.

For example, you can choose to repeat the habit on the 18th of every month. You can also set an interval for the habit, such as every 5 days, up to a maximum of once a week.

Initial Goal

With our app's "Goal" feature, you can set a target for your habit and track your progress towards achieving it. Setting a goal helps you stay motivated and focused, and gives you a clear benchmark for success.

The factors of a goal in Habitify include a target number, a unit of measurement, and a specific time frame in which you want to achieve your habit.

When tracking your habit in Habitify, you can choose between two logging methods: manual logging, which allows you to manually input data about your habit, or automatic logging with the Syncing with Health app, which automatically records data from Apple Health app or Google Fit.

For iOS devices, in case you choose "Create Your Own" habit, in the Goal, you can change the type of habit unit to have more options of the unit beside the general unit "times" and "mins".

Time of Day

Choose a specific time of day (Morning, Afternoon, or Evening) for your habit, establishing a consistent routine and easy integration into your daily schedule.

You can customize the time range for each time of day to make it suitable with your actual schedule in Settings > Time of Day.


With "Reminders", you can receive push notifications that help you remember to complete your habit on time. This not only ensures that you stay on track with your goals but also helps you develop a consistent habit routine over time.

The most basic type of reminder in Habitify is a time-based reminder, which is set to go off at a specific time of day based on your chosen schedule.

To add or edit a reminder:

  • Tap on the "Reminders" part

  • Adjust the default reminder added for the habit. You also can tap "+ Add" to create a new one.

Besides, you also can set reminders based on your location or by your habit stacking:

Start date

The start date is the day you want to begin tracking your habit. Select the date to begin tracking your habit, and it will appear in your Journal view from that date onwards.

2. Record your progress

While tracking your habit, it's unlikely that you'll always complete it, especially when you're just starting a new habit. In Habitify, you can record all the statuses of your habit that you may experience while building and tracking it. For good habits, it can have the following statuses:

  • Complete: when you achieve your goal or do more than the goal

  • Skip: when you take a day off and do not do the habit, similar to a cheat day on a diet

  • Fail: when you do nothing on the habit without a reasonable reason

How to check-in

In the Journal view, next to each habit, we add smart buttons for quick positive check-in.

Besides, if you want to mark your habit as Failed or Skipped, we support several ways:

  • Swipe left the habit and choose Skip or Fail

  • Press and hold the habit and choose Skip or Fail

Otherwise, you can mark a habit as Complete by swiping right.


How to edit my habit?

Please press & hold on to the habit from the Journal view, then choose "Edit"

How to delete or archive a habit?

Option 1: On the screen to edit your habit, you can also choose the delete or archive it.

Option 2: Or you can go to the Settings tab, and choose to Manage Habits. Then tap on the red button before the habit name and choose between "Delete" or "Archive".

Can I set an end date for my habit?

We encourage our users to keep sticking with their good habits for as long as possible. It's the same with tracking down a bad habit and keeping it away.

However, you can try the Challenge. You can create your own Challenge such as "Reading for 30 days" or "Exercise in 15 days".

Can I change the unit of habit's goal?

Please note that once you create the habit, you can't change the type of goal units. For example:

- You set a goal for your habit of "Running" which is 2km per day. After completing creating the habit, you only can change to another unit with the same type as the length measurement unit with unit "km" such as "m", and "miles".

- You cannot change the goal from "2km per day" to "2 hours per day", it's because "km" and "hours" are different types of measurement, and because data for analysis must be at least in the same type of unit.

How can I undo a wrong log or check in?

(1) If your habit has status as "completed", "skipped", or "failed", you can undo the check-in from the Journal view:

- Swipe right the habit

- Choose "Undo Log". There are 2 options for you:

a. Remove Today Data -> your progress value of today will be back to 0

b. Edit Log Manually -> Swipe left the log you want to delete -> choose Delete

(2) If your habit is still in progress, you can undo the log-in Single Progress View.

- In the Single Progress view, tap on the 3-dot button in the top right corner

- Choose "Log History"

- Swipe left the log you want to delete -> choose Delete

What is the difference between "Skip" and "Fail"?

"Skip" can be used when you take a break in the progress of doing a habit, it is like a cheating day during your diet. Using "Skip" can help you to take a day off and still keep your streak continuously.

"Failed" is when you do not do the habit as planned, or you do the habit but not enough as the goal you set, or you mark your habit as failed. After a day "failed", a new streak will begin.

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