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Can I Use My Hoppier Card in My Area?
Can I Use My Hoppier Card in My Area?

Is the Hoppier card available Internationally?

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I live in a rural area, or I am not in North America, can I still use my Hoppier card?

Yes! The Hoppier card is an internationally compatible VISA - not a gift card - and can be used anywhere you are!

Check your available vendors in your Hoppier account for an understanding of where you can spend your Hoppier card.

TIP: Updating the Hoppier card billing address is not possible outside of the US. If this is not available to you, it is best to go with the billing address listed on your card.

My Hoppier card shows my balance in American dollars?

Click here for more information about how to see your balance in your local currency.

I am located outside of North America and I am having difficulties using my Hoppier card

We can assist you with this!

Please check out the article Ordering With Hoppier for some pointers on how to have a successful transaction.

If you are still having difficulty placing an order, contact Support through LiveChat so we can look into this for you.

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