As an author in Build, you can create a quiz unit inside of a module or topic. iQualify quizzes can be assessed and contribute to the learner's score, or they can be set as a practice quiz (not assessed).

How to:

To create a quiz, navigate to the Content page from the menu, and click the cog button on the module/topic that your quiz relates to. Select Quiz from the drop down list.

Type the title of your quiz in the new field that appears and then click the green check mark to save.

Click the cog button next to the quiz and select Preview/edit from the drop down list.

  • Click the Insert quiz button to start creating your quiz. Fill in the title and instructions fields, and select whether or not the quiz will be assessed.
  • Files can be added under the Attachments heading if you wish to include any files that the learner may need to refer to for the quiz.
  • Quiz questions must be uploaded in a "CSV (Comma Separated Values)" file. To download a template, an example or notes on how to create a quiz CSV file, select an option from the Downloads drop down list under the Quiz questions heading.
  • The Number of questions per theme that a learner is assigned in the quiz can be controlled. You can set the number of questions displayed to a learner in each theme. This allows you to create a bank of questions that are defined by themes, to differentiate the questions that each individual learner is presented. The text box can be left blank if you wish to assign all questions in the CSV file to the quiz.
  • Save your changes once you are happy with your selections.

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