At the start of some articles we sometimes indicate that the article is relevant depending on whether you are using tasks or legacy courses. There may be two versions of the article and to make sure you get the right information you need to know if you are working with a legacy or task course. For many of our articles it won't matter so unless you see a specific reference at the top read on.


Task course
You can check the Use new Tasks toggle on the main build menu. It will be set to YES in a task course.

Legacy course
The Use new Tasks toggle will be set to NO. You will also see that you have Assessment items and Assessment description in your build menu.

Facilitators and coaches

In legacy courses you will generally see an Assessment button on the side navigation menu. Where legacy courses have no assessment the absence of a Tasks button is another indicator that you are in a legacy course.

For tasks courses you will always see a Tasks button on the side menu.

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