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Add a quiz to your course
Add a quiz to your course

Authors can create assessed or non-assessed quizzes to add to their courses.

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As an author, you can add a quiz into your course. Quizzes are essentially just a group of tasks, but quizzes also allow some slightly different features e.g. time limits. You can use any combination of automatically and manually marked tasks in your quiz.

To add a quiz to your course: 

  • When you're editing a page, select the + button, then select Quiz.

Image of the Task bar open after selecting the + icon and the Quiz icon second from the left.

Give your quiz a name and add any instructions that your learners will need to help them to complete your quiz.

Quiz settings

You'll also need to choose: 

  • If the quiz is assessed or non-assessed (practice).

  • If there is a time limit.

  • The number of attempts allowed (if assessed).

  • If the question order should be shuffled.

  • If learners should be given a warning one minute before their time is up.

  • If you want the time limit to be enforced.

  • If learners are allowed to pause the quiz.

  • Whether you want to show learners correct and incorrect responses after each attempt (correct answers for incorrect responses will remain hidden).

  • Whether to show the learner the correct answers to all the quiz questions once they've used all their attempts (see more about this below).

Adding tasks to your quiz

Quizzes are built from a collection of tasks. To add tasks to your quiz you can either select Use existing tasks or select Create a new task. Find out more about the different task types available or how to add new tasks.

If you are using existing tasks you can choose to see your available tasks by either Recently used or by where they are in your Course content.

Copy exiting task drop down menu for View tasks by: Course content (selected), or Recently used.

You can choose to either Preview or Add one of your existing tasks. Once added, you can reorder, delete or edit the task. If you choose to edit your task to create a slightly different version this will not update the original version of the task.

Once you have added all your tasks and are happy with the settings for your quiz, select Save.

Select Start to review your quiz as a learner or Review to see the correct answers highlighted to check the quiz is correct before publishing.

Scoring and marking with quizzes

Within a quiz, each task is worth 1 point by default. You can change the points for each task in the task settings.

Correct tab showing a task with 5 points allocated.

For auto-marked tasks, learners will get either the full points assigned to the task or 0 points if incorrect. And, if the task has multiple responses (e.g. the matching, cloze, label task types), the learner must get all responses correct to get the points assigned to that task.

For manually marked tasks, learners will get the full points, 0, or a percentage of points depending on which marking template is chosen for a particular task.

Note: Points are separate from the "weighting" of an assessed task/quiz. See Add a weighting to your assessed task for more information on weightings.

Showing learners correct answers

There are two settings to showing learners how they did in a quiz. You can choose to apply none, one or both of these settings.

​Show correct and incorrect responses after each attempt

This shows learners which questions they got correct, and which ones they got incorrect. This setting only shows learners the correct answers to the questions they got right after each attempt. Questions that they got wrong will have the answers hidden so they can use future attempts (if available) to get these questions correct. Feedback attached to each question will also show if this feature has been used to provide feedback on each possible response.

Show correct answers once all attempts are used

You can choose whether to show learners the correct answers (and/or facilitator feedback) for all quiz questions when they've used all their attempts. Note that this option is not available for assessed quizzes with unlimited attempts because learners would never be able to complete all attempts.

Commonly asked questions

Why is the option to add a quiz greyed out?
You can only add one quiz to a page. So if you already have a quiz on the page, you'll see the quiz option greyed out.

Why doesn't the automatic feedback show to learners?
Learners don't see the automatic feedback for tasks when they are completing a quiz. However, we leave the feedback field visible to authors in case that task is used as a stand-alone task elsewhere in the course. Individual response feedback will show if you select to show learners which questions they got right after each attempt in the quiz settings.

Why doesn't my facilitator feedback show to learners?
Facilitator feedback goes along with showing the correct answers. And, correct answers only show once all attempts have been completed. If you're giving facilitator feedback we recommend either using a standalone task (which you can reset) or setting the attempts of the quiz to one.

What questions do learners see on subsequent attempts?

If your quiz has themes, learners will see another random set from the themes. If your quiz does not use themes, learners will see the exact same set. This means that learners see questions they may have already gotten correct in their first attempt.

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