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How to enable email notifications for Talk Channels
How to enable email notifications for Talk Channels

Learners and facilitators can subscribe to email notifications to get updates from Talk Channels.

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To enable email notifications for Talk Channels, select Talk from the left menu, and navigate to the channel you wish to turn email notifications on for.

How to enable email notifications for Talk Channels

Once in the channel you have selected, select the button Get email updates.

You can opt-in to receive updates for new posts and replies, or for new posts only.
Note: Notifications will not be sent when someone is replying to a response.

You can also apply this to all public channels to receive email notifications.

Note: For Private channels (facilitator Support) you have to subscribe/unsubscribe individually, Apply to all channels is only applicable for Public channels.

Email notifications will be sent to the email address linked with your iQualify account. By default this is your login email address, unless you have added a preferred contact email address. These email notifications will include the full post, and a direct link to the post in iQualify so that you can easily respond.

To stop getting email updates, just select Stop email updates within the Talk channel you wish to unsubscribe from.

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