As an account owner, you can personalise your login page with your own background image.

When deciding on a suitable background image for the login page remember:  

  • The screen resizes for different devices. This means all of your image may not be visible to everyone all of the time. Therefore we recommend you avoid selecting an image whose focus is in the centre of you background.

  • The login box is always in the centre of the screen and changes proportion 

Recommended artwork size is 1920px wide by 1080px high and file type is PNG. Images of other dimensions will be previewed and cropped to the correct size.  You can also adjust the positioning of the cropped area.

Once you have chosen your image, follow the following steps to upload.

  1.  From the main dashboard, click your avatar to open the menu

  2. Choose Account settings

  3. Choose Identity

  4. Choose Appearance

  5. From here you can upload or update you background image.  You can also remove your background image to restore the iQualify default background.

  6. Click Update to save.

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