Overview of the Event Hub

As an account owner you can use the Event Hub to configure events in iQualify to trigger actions in other apps and systems.

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What is the Event Hub?

The Event Hub is a central place for you to connect user events happening in iQualify to actions in other apps and systems. Using an integrator tool such as Zapier, key interactions (events) can be tied to a webhook endpoint URL which can then be integrated into your own systems or passed directly to other applications.

In the Event Hub, you can select the user events that you want to share with other apps and set up the endpoint needed by the other apps to establish the connection. 

You can send the data you’re tracking in iQualify to multiple endpoints. By directing a single event towards multiple apps you can create reports, monitor trends, access detailed engagement reporting and automate workflows.

What is an event?

An event is a specific action taken by a user in iQualify. For example, when a learner submits a practice quiz this creates an event called Submitted a practice quiz. As well as its name, the event carries a set of data. You can preview this in Event Hub to see what data is associated with each event.

This data will be sent to the webhook endpoint URLs that have been specified for each event.

Why use Event Hub?

Using iQualify's Event Hub and the webhook mechanism enables you to:

  • automate data collection into your data warehouse for learning analytics purposes

  • work more efficiently by automating workflows

  • integrate iQualify with your organisation's systems and applications

  • extend iQualify to meet your organisation's and your learners' specific needs

  • experiment with new ways of doing things and support innovative approaches in your organisation.

For example, when a learner completes a practice quiz (the event), you may want to collect the data in a spreadsheet in order for you to analyse learners’ understanding on the quiz topic, and possibly adjust the course content to better meet learners’ needs.  

What events are tracked?

We track a number of events in iQualify covering learner interactions with content, assessment and social engagement with other learners. We also track course creation and publication and user management, such as access to courses and payments.

Task and legacy courses
If you have both task and legacy courses events will be available for both. Task events are clearly labelled with 'task'. Make sure when you choose correctly when you're selecting an event.

A full list of available events can be found under iQualify Settings.

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