When integrating iQualify with other apps using the API or the Event Hub, you can pass additional information about courses and course activations to these other apps using custom tags. This information can help with the integration (e.g. using the course code) or it could allow the filtering of courses according to location, target market, or any other additional criteria that is important to your organisation. Tags can be added to a course or a course activation at any point in time.

Once you have decided which information you want to add to a course, you can enter this information into iQualify in several ways.

  • As an Author, you can add tags to the course in the Course Overview. These tags will be copied to the active course during activation (provided the course has not previously been published). 

  • As a Manager, you can customise the active course details, including the tags, during activation and also update them after activation.

  • As an integration engineer, you can also add or update tags for an editable course using the Update course tags API. To add or update tags for an active course you can use the Update offering tags metadata API.

This article gives an overview of the different processes. If you need more help and you're currently with iQualify, get in touch using our in-app chat or contact your account owner. If you're not with iQualify but would like to be 'get in touch'.

The process for updating via the API is similar to the one for updating user tags, described in the following article: Adding tags to users using Zapier

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