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Why use custom tags to add information to users and courses
Why use custom tags to add information to users and courses

You can improve the effectiveness of connecting iQualify with other apps by adding custom information to users and courses in iQualify.

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When connecting iQualify with other apps and systems via the API and the Event Hub, you can pass additional information about users or courses to these other apps using custom tags.  Custom tags can be added to courses and users either through the user interface or using the API.


Custom tags allow you to customise the course and learner information collected in iQualify.

This additional information can:

  • facilitate the integration with another system by providing mapping information such as student ID, course code, product ID

  • enable another app to provide richer information, for example by allowing it to filter the data by study programme, home campus, school, or any other additional criteria that is important to your organisation

  • support your organisation’s decision-making by enabling it to answer a wider range of questions about your learners and courses


Mapping tags

  • A student ID tag provides your SMS with the learner’s student ID whenever data is exchanged.

  • A course code tag enables easy mapping to your SMS and your course catalogue.

  • A product ID enables your e-commerce platform to map the course to the corresponding product. 

Data filtering tags

  • A study programme tag allows you to filter learner data using the programme they are enrolled in.

  • A home campus tag allows you to filter learner data by campus

  • A location tag allows you to select course activations by campus location.

  • A special needs tag might be useful to identify subgroups of learners that need specific support.

Decision-making tags

  • A target market tag can allow your marketing department to launch specific campaigns for different courses

When considering the big questions driving your organisation you can identify the additional information elements that will help answer them, and easily add them to iQualify data using the custom tags.

How to

Custom course tags can be added through the user interface when editing a course or a course activation, or using the Update course tags and Update offering tags metadata APIs. 

Custom user tags can be added to iQualify using the Update user API.

You can check out our tutorial on adding tags to a user here.

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