This article covers our legacy activities. If you’re using tasks check out our activate a course or update a current activation for tasks articles. If you want to use tasks in your course talk to your iQualify Account owner.  

Activating a new course

From your Create dashboard select the course or use the search tool to find the course you want to activate.  

Select Activate

Here you can set up all the details for your course activation including setting your dates and adding people to the course. You can add people later if you aren't ready yet.

It also allows you to customise things such as the course name, overview, course cover image, course and assessment overviews and talk channels.  

Add the required information by selecting each of the different tabs shown below. For more information on these individual areas check out the links at the bottom of this article.

Note if you want to add a badge to your course this needs to be done before you activate it.

Once you have done select Activate Course.

An email will be sent to everyone to notify them they have been added to the course.

Updating an activation

Once activated, aspects of the activation can still be edited. Any changes you make will only be saved for the activation you're editing. They will not update the original course in Create.

On your Create dashboard use the search tool to find the course you want to update.

Click the Activations section of your course card to view the activations associated with your course.

This shows you more detail about the current, scheduled and past activations. Including any identifier added and the total number of participants.

Select Manage to edit the activation.  
Once you have made your changes select Update Course.
You may wish to notify learners if any significant changes are made.

What you can edit in Manage once activated


  • Course name and description

  • Course overview

  • Course categorisation

  • Talk channels


  • Opening/closing dates and due dates for assessments  


  • Learners and facilitators can be added or removed at any time

  • Coaches and peer evaluators can be added or removed at any time

  • You can update the name and email address of people who have access


  • Assessment overview

  • Assessment file attachments (can be added, but not removed)

  • Marking and feedback privileges for peer evaluators and coaches

  • Assessment references (mark type, mark number)


  • Cover image

  • Cover trailer

What you can't edit in Manage once activated


  • Cannot be added or edited

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