This article covers some things to think about and the impact of these decisions.

Thinking about your learners

Who are my learners and what do I know about them? Check out our article on Identifying your audience. Some questions to consider are: Will they have access to the internet? Will they be using mobile phones or other devices? How much time will they typically spend learning?

Armed with this information you can then make an informed choice about how to best use video in your course.

When to upload and when to stream your videos

Depending on what’s important to your learners - or what’s important to you - you may want to take a different approach to putting your videos into iQualify. When adding videos, your two options are Add video and Embed video

Add video lets you upload a video file - or record one on the fly with your device’s camera. 

Embed video lets you include a video already online at YouTube, Vimeo, or ClickView.

When to use Add Video

We recommend using Add video if:

  • You want learners to be able to download the video to their device, and watch them offline
  • You have permission from the Intellectual Property/Copyright holder of the video to let learners download them

Videos recorded using Add video are set to a resolution of 480p - this means they consume significantly less bandwidth for learners who are watching or downloading them.

Videos uploaded using Add video retain their original resolution -  so if you upload an HD video - for example 1080p - then learners will see it at that resolution. This may mean that it’s too big to be available to learners to download. In this case we suggest converting the video to a lower resolution prior to uploading.

When to use Embed

We recommend using Embed video if:

  • You don't want learners to be able to download the video to their device, or to watch them offline
  • The video needs to be shown in a specific resolution

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