Resetting non-assessed tasks

Non-assessed tasks and quizzes can be re-set by the learner directly allowing them to resubmit as many times as they wish. Each attempt is captured so you can review all submission attempts in the Marking tab within the Class Console.

Resetting assessed tasks

As a facilitator, you can reset an assessed task or quiz for learners giving them a new attempt. Each attempt is captured so both you and the learner can see previous attempts.

Note: If you reset a task that uses variations the learners will be given the same task variation to re-submit. Find out more about task variations

Re-opening assessed tasks

As a facilitator, you can also re-open a manually marked task for learners before it's marked providing an opportunity for them to re-submit. To do this simply click on the reset button within the task marking window. Learners will be notified that the tasks has been re-opened and they can resubmit.


Once a task or quiz is open, learners can submit it at any point during the course. If the task is due before the course end date and the learner has not yet submitted it an overdue label will appear next to the task.

All submissions are flagged with a time-stamp, which makes it visible to facilitators that the assessment was submitted after the expected date. How overdue assessments are handled is up to the organisation and/or the facilitator of the course.

If you want to change the open or due date of a task or a quiz for all learners speak to your iQualify manage user who can do this for you.

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