This feature is best suited to your organisation if:

  • You have people who create courses and that same person then facilitates the activation (class) of that course.

  • You have a central person who sets up your activations but you want your facilitators to manage those activations.

We recommend you read Class management before you turn on this setting.

This article covers how to turn this setting on/off.  

When class management is enabled:
1. Any facilitator who is a main facilitator for a course will be able to add and remove learners, other facilitators, and coaches, as well as change dates from the Class page.
2. When an author publishes a new tasks course, they will have the option to activate a class for this course. They will automatically be added as a main facilitator.

How to:

Your iQualify settings can be accessed by clicking on your avatar (profile icon) in the top right corner of iQualify.

Select Feature Settings.

And then select Class Management

Use the toggle to either turn it on or off depending on your needs.

Click Update to save.

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