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Ideas for blended learning - 4 - Annotating lecture slides or notes
Ideas for blended learning - 4 - Annotating lecture slides or notes

Different ideas for adding annotating lecture slides before, after or during class for a flipped or blended learning model.

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In blended learning, you encourage learners to do more with your slides or presentation than just click through it.


You can embed your presentation in iQualify and include an essay task below for learners to capture their notes. For this we'd recommend you break your presentation up into 10-20 minute chunks and have each chunk on a separate page with a separate task.

You could also make use of the notes feature in iQualify (searchable and taggable) and get learners to add their notes there (again, we recommend breaking up your slides into 10-20 minute chunks so they can make focused notes.


Putting your slides online in a way where learners can annotate them allows...

  • Learners to store their notes online (can't get lost or damaged) and can find and revisit these wherever their phone goes.

  • Learners to engage more with slides than just passively watching.

  • Learners who can't make it to physical class to see what they missed (or should be working on).

  • You to see easily who has done what especially if you include a task (and can send reminders to those who are yet to complete the pre-lesson tasks).


  • Add in quick tasks for learners to check they've got it after the presentations.

  • Include a pulse (live or timed poll) at certain stages throughout your presentation.

  • Ask learners to create social notes (or contribute to an in-page discussion) for certain parts of the presentation so learners can share ideas and learn from one another.

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