Overview of social notes

Social notes allow facilitators and learners to comment on, and discuss course content.

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In addition to Talk channels, social notes let you and your learners have a discussion right next to the relevant content.

Note icons appears on the bottom right next to each item of content, for example a piece of text, a video, an activity or an image. 

If the notes icons have a green dot next to it, it means there is already a note added. Learners can have a discussion (Discuss this) or add private study notes (Your notes).

Screenshot of social notes with Discuss this highlighted, and a comment by Callum Mason.


If you see a post that you think should be reported to the facilitator to moderate, select Report on the relevant post. This will hide the post for you, and your facilitator will be able to moderate the post. As with Likes, Reports are anonymous and the person who wrote the post won’t be notified.

Note: Reports are not anonymous to facilitators.

Screenshot of a talk channel post with Report this message highlighted.

As a facilitator, you can access all social notes for each course from the activity feed icon available from the course menu.

Activity feed icon.

You and your learners will be notified when others respond to conversations you have created or replied to. Notifications appear by the bell icon in the top right-hand corner of iQualify.

Screenshot of the notifications bell top right of the screen.
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