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Ideas for blended learning - 15 - Sharing practice and accolades
Ideas for blended learning - 15 - Sharing practice and accolades

An example of using in-page discussions to share best practice ideas in a community of practice.

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Sharing practice ideas can be really ad-hoc. Setting up a space and a structure to share practice in an online course allows learners to do some of the teaching. It can also be very motivating to get feedback from peers on your practice.


Two easy ways are to post in a talk channel or in-page discussion for learners to share all their different ways of using a skill or solving a problem. A great way to highlight diversity of approaches.

Image showing example of In-page discussion

You could use either the structure of pages or talk channels to help theme/group practices ideas.

Image showing new post in Talk channel

And you could drum up engagement with a pulse by polling learners on what their preferred approach would be.

Image showing Pulse multi choice question


Setting up a space to share practice and accolades allows...

  • Learners to see that you are not the keeper of knowledge. Learners see they have valuable skills to share which can help motivation.

  • Learners to hear practice ideas from those "at the coal face".

  • Learners to personalise the online learning by adding their own ideas for practice in.

  • Learners to revisit ideas as a source for inspiration if they're stuck at any point.


  • Set up a channel that's just called "Here's a cool thing I (or someone else) did" and use this as a springboard for face-to-face discussions or meetings.

  • Ask learners to interview one another on their practices, either with structured questions or with them choosing questions to reach a goal of gathering particular information.

  • Have learners observe others practice and record their reflections.

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