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Insights helps authors to review and improve course content.

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At iQualify we're focussed on helping you to create and maintain great content for your learners. To do this you need to know how your courses are performing. This is where insights can help.

Course insights

Course insights are available from the contents page of courses in Create (edit or view mode) by selecting Show contents with insights from the dropdown menu, or from the Insights menu in the course banner.

Screenshot of the Contents page with Insights selected in the horizontal menu.

This will show you a summary of insights for each page - showing views and likes/dislikes from learners across all activations of your course.

Screenshot of the Contents page with the summary of insights for each page displayed as a percentage.

In the screenshot above we can see that 100% of learners have viewed this page, and that no learners have either liked or disliked this page. If you see pages where the numbers of learners start to drop off (such as toward the end of a course) or a large percentage of thumbs down for example, then you can investigate further to see where the blocks are for your learners.

Page insights

For more detailed insights navigate to the course page and select Page insights from the main course banner on any course page.

Screenshot of a page with Page insights selected in the horizontal menu.
Screenshot of the modal Page insights with 100% views of the page and 100% thumbs up for the page.

For each page you're on insights will show you:

  • The course name.

  • The page name.

  • When the page was created.

  • When it was last published.

  • How many learners have engaged with the course (this is not how many people have seen the page).

  • % of these learners who have viewed the page.

  • % of these learners who have commented on the page discussion (if there is a page discussion on the page).

  • % of those learners who have liked or not liked the page.

  • How many activations this page is currently live in.

What happens to the Insights data when you duplicate or republish a course?

If you duplicate your course, the data is cleared and new data for the course will be generated. If you re-publish your course, the data remains.

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