We support sending some of our key Event Hub events using the Experience API (xAPI) specification to an endpoint that you control. These events are:

  • Accessed an offering

  • Awarded a badge

  • Submitted assessed task

  • Submitted assessed task quiz

  • Submitted non-assessed task

  • Submitted non-assessed task quiz

  • Viewed a unit

What is xAPI?

xAPI is an eLearning specification used to collect event data from different environments or systems and standardise it in a format that is consistent. These events are sent to a Learning Record Store (LRS), which acts as a server for xAPI events to be sent, stored and requested.

How can I utilise xAPI events with iQualify

If you're interested in utilising our xAPI compatible events, you can get in contact with us and we'll set this up for you! Please contact support@iqualify.com letting us know which events you're interested in consuming and an endpoint for us to send the events to. We will then send you an endpoint that you can use to configure in Event Hub.

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