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A brief overview for learners of key things to know when learning with iQualify

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This article is a quick look at what you can see and do when you're learning with iQualify. We've tried to keep this as a one-page overview, so we've included links out to more information throughout if you need it.

Courses within iQualify can have their own specific setups

Remember each course can be set up a little differently by the organisation and/or facilitator you're learning with, so you might not see exactly everything we've listed here.

Course cards and dashboards

When you're learning with iQualify you'll see course cards on your dashboard. These are the current, upcoming or past courses you are (will be or have been) a part of.

We've added some shortcuts to the cards to take you to commonly used areas: the course overview, your notes, talk or the picking up where you left off (continue course).

Navigating through a course

Once you're in a course, you can use Contents to take you to a specific page in a course.

Or, you can use the search to find pages with particular terms.

Screenshot showing how to use the search feature in your course.

The Tasks list is a handy way to jump straight to the "doing" parts of your course. Here you can:

  • see what you've got left to submit,

  • view previous submissions, and

  • see feedback from a facilitator under VIEW (if applicable).

If you ever get stuck, you can see loads of different tours available by choosing Help when you're in iQualify. Find out where Help is located and the tours available.

Creating your own notes

You're more likely to learn (and retain) new information when you add some notes or reflections in your own words. Simply select the speech bubble icon next to a paragraph (or task, or video etc.) and make your note.

Screenshot showing the speech bubble icon selected and the tab Your notes selected. There is a blank field for the note.

Your notes are private to you.

Notes are collated across the course, so this is a handy spot to revisit for a quick reminder or some revision before an assessment.

Screenshot showing how to search private notes and tags using the search and tag fields.

Connecting with others

In some courses, you'll be able to chat with others in the same activation (class) as you, including your facilitator.

Talk channels (like a forum) let you add a post to a particular topic.

Or, you might be able to contact your facilitator privately.

In the section above you learned about making your own notes. But why not make your notes social and visible to others in your group using Discuss this? That way others can refine, add, or challenge you to improve your learning even more.

Screenshot showing how to you can use Discuss this feature to discuss something with other learners.

In-page discussions are a way to share your thoughts to a given discussion prompt with others within the content, rather than away from the content in a talk channel.

Screenshot showing how to you can use in-page discussion to communicate as a group.

Reporting social posts

If you see a social post (talk channels, in-page discussion, social notes) that you think should be reported to the facilitator to moderate, select Report on the relevant post. This will hide the post for you, and the facilitator will be able to moderate the post. As with Likes, Reports are anonymous and the person who wrote the post won’t be notified.

Make the most of your learning!

You can look back at your learning in past courses forever. Leverage these notes and post features to make the course your own. Greater contributions tend to lead to better learning and achievement. Build a rich personal landscape that you can look back on whenever you want to remind yourself of what you’ve learned and what you’ve achieved.

We make sure we don’t lock you out. You make sure you create something worth looking back on.

Other help

When logged into iQualify you can access help by scrolling to the bottom right of your screen and clicking on the circular icon that looks like a magnifying glass. Here you can search for articles in the iQualify Knowledgebase using the ‘Search articles’ field. These articles consist of step by step instructions to show you how to use the tools and features in iQualify. For more information see this article: How to access in-app support.

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Need some help with technology bits and bobs? Technology troubleshooting - Frequently asked questions has answers to common questions relating to logging in, using your browser and recording from your webcam.

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