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Options for moderation in iQualify
Options for moderation in iQualify

A brief explanation of the ways you can use iQualify to support your moderation activities.

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Moderation is a great way to make sure your assessments are aligned and working. Moderation generally requires some sort of sharing/viewing of assessments and learner submissions. Because iQualify is an online platform, and tasks might live in a range of places, in and around content. It's not simply a matter of printing/saving as a pdf and emailing. So, our first recommendation is that you use some of our existing roles to suit.

Reviewers for pre-assessment moderation

Reviewers can see (but not edit) course content and tasks before a course is published or activated. This makes the reviewer role useful to support pre-moderation.

Coaches for post-assessment moderation

Coaches can see the content of the course and task submissions for only the learners they're allocated to. This makes the coach role useful to support post-moderation where you might only be moderating a selection of submissions.

Event hub for links to files submitted

Our preferences are to use the roles described above for moderation in-app. But, there is one more option. You can use our event hub which allows you to send data you're tracking to particular endpoints.

Using our event hub, if your tasks are Written and Recorded - File upload or video, then you can get this data about the submission:

  • Who submitted

  • When they submitted (date and time)

  • An iQualify unique URL to the files the learner submitted.

Note: The above is only for capturing files, so only applies for File upload or video task types.

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