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Endorsing Badges
Endorsing Badges

How to endorse a learner's badge

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What is a badge endorsement?

An endorsement is the virtual equivalent of publicly stating that you agree the learner has satisfactorily completed all the work necessary to achieve the badge.

Check out our video on endorsing and sharing badges.

How to endorse a badge

Endorsers will receive an endorsement request by email. To endorse a badge, the endorser needs to follow the link in the email and along with their endorsement provide their:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Homepage or social media profile (must begin with https://)
    e.g. This could be a link to a LinkedIn profile or online CV, or could be the bio page on a company website

Endorsers can also optionally enter an evidence URL (must also begin with https://) if appropriate. e.g. A link to an online portfolio or example of work to support your endorsement.

The endorsement page also has a link to the badge page itself at the bottom of the page.

Image showing the endorsement page to enter details of endorsee.

After endorsement

Once submitted, the learner will be notified by email that their badge has been endorsed, have the opportunity to approve the endorsement and the ability to make the endorsement publicly visible.

Once approved, the badge (including your endorsement) will be displayed on the public badge page.

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