How do I complete my course to get 100% progess?

As a learner, you can reach 100% progress in your course by viewing all pages and completing all tasks.

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This article is for courses where you see Tasks in the left menu in your course. If you don't see Tasks in your left menu, then please check out Your activities progress and engagement as a learner.

Where to see your progress

As a learner you can see your progress through your course as a percentage on the course card on your Dashboard. You can also see your course progress by selecting Overview on your course card:

Screenshot of a learner's Dashboard show a course card with 100% progress.

Both Dashboard and Overview are available on the left menu:

How your progress is calculated

Progress is tracked as pages are viewed for the first time and tasks are completed. To get 100% progress you must have visited every page, and completed every task. If you only complete half the tasks on a page, you only get half of the progress for that page.

For example, in a course with 10 pages:

  • Viewing a page with no tasks would equal 100% page complete and give you a progress rating of 1/10 pages in the course, or 10%.

  • Viewing a page with five tasks and completing all five tasks would equal 100% page complete and would give you a progress score of 1/10 pages in the course, or 10%.

  • Viewing a page with five tasks and completing four tasks would equal 80% complete and would give you a progress score of .8/ 10 pages of the course, or 8%.

Note the following do not contribute to your progress calculation:

  • Watching videos and interacting with interactive tools embedded in your course.

  • Contributing to in-page discussions.

  • Posting in talk channels.

Find out which pages haven’t been viewed

To find out which pages you've viewed, and which pages you've got left to complete, select Contents in your left menu and expand all the sections. From here you should be able to scan for pages that you haven't seen. Pages that you’ve viewed have Visited next to them in the right column. Pages you haven’t viewed will have a time next to them (which is the estimated time to view a page and complete any tasks on it).

Find out which tasks haven’t been completed

To find out which tasks you've still got left to do, select Tasks in the left menu and choose to Show: Not completed. Remember to check both the Assessed and Non-assessed tabs:

Screenshot showing Tasks selected in the left menu and non-assessed tasks which haven't been completed.

Attempting a task and getting a task or quiz correct

A task is considered completed as soon as you have submitted it, regardless of if the task has been marked as correct or incorrect.

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