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Using your organisation's Turnitin license with iQualify
Using your organisation's Turnitin license with iQualify

Authors can set up assessments for direct submissions to Turnitin

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You can use your organisation's Turnitin license to require learners to upload and submit their assessments directly to Turnitin for similarity checking as part your course. To do this you need to set up the assessment as a task according to the instructions below. If you're not sure if your course uses tasks, find out here.

How to add an assessment task to be marked in Turnitin

  • Navigate to the page you want to add the task to, click on the + button and select Task:

  • Give the task a name such as 'Turnitin task'.

  • Move the toggle to Assessed.

  • Add any Additional instructions the learner needs if appropriate.

  • Select Create new task:

  • Choose Multiple choice from the drop down menu.

  • The task will pre-populate with an example question to show you how this will appear to learners. Select the Clear task content button on the right, to create your own question:

  • In your question you will need to link to Turnitin so that learners can upload their assessments to the Turnitin portal:

    Note: When adding a link in a task, there are two tabs (Link info and Target) that require data:

    • Link info: Paste your organisation's Turnitin link into the URL field.

    • Target: From the dropdown menu select New Window (_blank).

  • Add your Multiple choice option for your learners to select.

  • Select the Correct response.

  • Select Add.

  • Select Save.

  • Review your assessment task to be marked in Turnitin:

    What next?

    When a learner is studying this course they'll know to go to your Turnitin environment to submit this assessment for marking. Facilitators can see whether learners have have submitted their assessment directly to Turnitin by checking submissions for this task in the Class Console.

    Note: This is not a Turnitin integration. All marking will need to be done outside of iQualify.

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